My Facebook Relationship

Writer – Aaron Murdoch


It seems like on a daily basis there is another digital avenue available to share our personal thoughts and pictures for our online friends. Personally, I fought the temptation of falling victim to joining the social medium phenomenon for many years. I first began to use text messaging back in 2008 after giving up my Net 10 month-to-month flip phone with zero features to speak of. Oh how I long for those good ole’ days.

I first became a casualty of Facebook in the year 2012 when it was becoming increasingly difficult, not being able to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) free fight cards without a subscription to the social media site. In those days, before the UFC’s television deal with FOX Sports, Facebook was the sole outlet that a mixed martial arts fan could watch the special fights. I remember feeling upset that I was basically being forced to participate in the senseless act of communication through the social medium called Facebook. Watching mixed martial arts is my favorite pastime and it consumes a large part of my extra-curricular life. I couldn’t believe that I had been lowered into joining such a superficial media platform. The following is an excerpt from the official UFC Facebook page which states:

“The opportunity to watch two live prelim fights for free from UFC® Fight for the Troops 2 is now only a click away. The Ultimate Fighting Championship® announced today that fans will have the ability to watch two exciting UFC contests on Saturday, Jan. 22 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT by simply clicking the “Like” button on the official UFC Facebook page.”

So, it was because of the UFC that I became a newly found member of Facebook. I felt ashamed, embarrassed and alone but nonetheless, I found the courage to continue through this journey called life. Two years later I decided to jump on the Facebook bandwagon and go full tilt into befriending and posting on Facebook as much as I could. One could say that I gave into

the peer pressure of my online friends, but I didn’t care because I was definitely living the Facebook lifestyle. I accumulated Facebook friends from everywhere one could possibly imagine and remember thinking “so this is what Facebook is all about,” and then my emotions fell into a deep state of Facebook depression.

I was sick and tired of being forced into viewing random incoherent and often illogical thoughts people were typing into the keyboard. I had overdosed on the endless stream of pictures of other people’s children polluting my account. Feelings of hatred and loathing began to fill my heart due to the lack of care I had for the constant updates, selfies and pokes pushed my way. I was Facebooked out and two months ago I deleted my account. For the first time in a long time, I felt free. As it turns out, I’m not alone in the decision of removing Facebook out of my life.

According to the article “I Deleted My Facebook Account! Scary? Yes. But Worth It!” on, there are many great reasons to kick your Facebook account to the curb. An excerpt from the website states a few reasons why in saying:

“…Because of Facebook I didn’t have much time to do those things…I was too busy checking out ex-friends and what they were doing in their lives…In short, I wasted a lot of my time checking in on other people’s lives and not living my own.”

How many of us have thought the same things if we are truly honest with ourselves? I believe the vast majority of the Facebook population would say yes. The content people put online can be nauseating and we are all guilty of falling prey to the consumption of the digital noise that can suffocate the air out of our technological nostrils. According to the article on another reason why one should consider to delete their Facebook account states:

“I couldn’t stop looking at it! I would go so far as to say that I was addicted to looking at my Facebook feed. Can’t think of something to write? Look at Facebook feed. Have ten minutes to kill? Look at Facebook feed. Just stopped looking at Facebook feed? Look at it again!

It was like I could not stop clicking on my Facebook account and it was driving me insane. It was an urge that I couldn’t control, and I don’t want to have any bad habits like that in my life…”

The addiction aspect to Facebook is very real for a lot of people. I believe I am a better husband, father, student and citizen as a result of being able to escape the grip Facebook had on me that affect millions of people. The relief from the pressure that was constantly on my mind knowing that Facebook’s eternal feed is gone forever is so satisfying and sweet.

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  1. Matthew Johnson says:

    Everyone is guilty to a certain degree.

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