Don’t Miss The Capitol Steps presents by the FSCJ Artist Series

As a political nerd, upon going to see The Capitol Steps I was blown away by the brilliance and wit that went into the composition of the humor and overall acting of the skits. Some of you may be thinking, what even is The Capitol Steps? They are a group of five previous congressional staffers who have been making fun of individuals in the political arena since the Reagan administration. Through singing, and some dancing, along with some regular SNL-like comedy, The Capitol Steps wow the audience with their creativity and comedic spin. Not to mention, the group has released over forty albums in the thirty years they have been performing!

With impressions of nearly every politician, they cover all of the bases. The Obama impression is spot on, my personal favorite politician, “Bernie Sanders”, also made an appearance. They nailed Bernie’s signature Brooklyn accent and mocked his rage over our political system in ways that will give you a great belly laugh. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, “Hillary Clinton” made an appearance. I could have sworn I was hearing her in the flesh, not to mention she was dressed in a pink pantsuit that was exactly something Clinton would wear.

The only weakness in the performance was where their “Donald Trump” was concerned. While the jokes were on point, his impression was lackluster, and the hair was off. However, to be fair, acquiring a wig that looked anything actually like Donald Trump’s hair would be close to impossible.

True to their satirical performance, the entire thing was over the top in the best way possible. It was wacky and weird, with puns for days. I would never have thought a rapping “Tim Kaine” could be funny, but The Capitol Steps nailed it. Despite what your political leanings are, the show is impossible to dislike.

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