Editorial – Are Women’s Halloween Costume’s crippling self-esteem and the fun of Halloween?

Writer: Autumn Williams

As Halloween approaches costume, stores are stocked with superhero and animal costumes just waiting for children, teenagers, and adults to choose the outfit that they will wear once and never wear again. In my opinion, Halloween is a holiday made up by party and costume stores to sell as little clothing as possible for as high a price as possible.

The costumes on display in stores and online for adult women and teens are less than conservative. Most costumes for adults are described as “naughty” or “sexy.” For teenagers, there is a choice between dressing inappropriately or dressing like a child. It is incredibly unfair that costume shops limit the options that women have. Either you show off your breasts and wear a dress that barely covers you or you wear a sheet like a ghost.

The limitations on costumes cause young women to dress much older than they should. Although party stores may argue that it is a person’s choice of what they wear an outfit because it’s only a “costume” these clothes give young girls the excuse to dress inappropriately for one day. However, if they were to dress like that any other day of the year, the girls would be gossiped about and called names.

Personally, Halloween has been a holiday that has meant receiving candy from neighbors and spending time with family and friends. For others, it is an excuse to dress provocatively and be looked at by the opposite sex. Party stores don’t help women choose to dress more conservatively for themselves instead of dressing for men. I believe that women should dress how they want for themselves, not anyone else. If they want to wear a “naughty” costume for Halloween, then that is their choice, but it should be for them, not for the enjoyment of anyone else.

Costumes for women today are made for women with size zero bodies with big breasts, so these are not helping women around America with their self-esteem. The “model body” exists for women who never eat and are extremely tall. Women’s ideas of the “perfect body” is a goal that can never be reached and shouldn’t be something that women should strive for. Women should know that they are beautiful the way they are and shouldn’t have to dress inappropriately to get anyone’s attention.

Halloween should be a holiday that should be fun for everyone and not just a reason to dress improperly for a night. Party stores should be held accountable for their limitations on costumes and should broaden their costume choices. This way women will have more options on what they wear out in public.

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