The Disney College Program


 Just a few short months ago, thousands of young adults from all over the world headed to Walt Disney World for the semester.

The Disney College Program (DCP) is an internship like nothing you will ever experience. You are given the opportunity to work for one of the top companies in the world, given an up close look at how the magic is truly created and able to “earn your ears”.

“This internship is like no other”, Disney Vice President Kristi Breen said. “It truly offers students this living, learning, earning, comprehensive program”.

DCP racks up about 50,000 applicants each semester, accepting about 6,000 of them – making up 5 percent of the work force. The Disney College Program is made up into 3 components: living, learning and earning.

Living comes in to play with the housing you are provided with throughout the duration of your program. Disney puts students up in apartments in one of their four gated apartment complexes. Apartments can be either 2 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms, all fully furnished, with each student paying rent of $87 to $110 weekly (automatically deducted from paychecks.) The apartment complexes also feature pools, tennis courts and basketball courts.

Along with all this, the program has several housing events throughout your program. Included in the housing events there are welcome parties so cast members can all meet each other. There’s also movie nights, pool parties, and other fun events all planned by the friendly workers of Disney. These events feature music, food and even some surprise visits from some familiar Disney characters.

Learning is an important component of the Disney College Program. After all, this program was started with the intent to educate students from all over the world.  Disney offers an abundance of classes for students to take. Disney doesn’t charge tuition for classes, and the only thing you need to buy is your materials. They offer classes taught by professionals such as “Disney Corporate Communication” and “Disney Creativity and Innovation”.

“I took the Disney Exploration Series: Disney Heritage class. I loved it”, Says DCP Alumni, Kevin Shortly. “The two best days were definitely the walking tour in Magic Kingdom and the team scavenger hunt around Hollywood Studios. Where else does school involve something like that?”

Earning comes in to play when you are working in the parks or the resorts. Your job title ranges from quick service food and beverage to character attendant to merchandise. There is a job title for anyone and everyone.

“I worked in quick service food and beverage which is pretty much like the fast food of Disney”, Says former cast member Nicole Mendez. “Though my job wasn’t the best, I really enjoyed the program in general. I met so many incredible people from all over the world like China and Brazil. It changed my life and I miss it so much”.

So the question is, “how do you get in?” By visiting you can sign up for emails and be informed whenever new positions open up. Disney is a top company, so these people are looking for someone who has ambition, is willing to work hard, and of course, loves Disney and all of the values the company has.

The Disney College Program is a once in a lifetime internship that is like nothing you will ever experience. Whether you see your career at Disney being long term or short term, this internship is definitely a way to sprinkle some pixie dust on to your resume for future careers.


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