Disaster Down Under, Blokes: The Great Barrier Reef is Dying!

We all are familiar with the lovable creatures of Finding Nemo. From Crush making his way through the East Australian Current down to the cute little inkling, Pearl, they have captured our attention of what really lies below the beautiful, Big Blue.

Though things aren’t going too well it seems for Marlin and all of his underwater friends. Articles and reports are flooding the internet about the death of the Great Barrier Reef. Earlier this year in March, scientists found that there was a huge crisis… a bleaching crisis. Though this may not seem too serious, it is! Reports indicate that nearly 23% of the GBR has officially died, while 93% of all Coral Reefs examined showed some form of affliction from the bleaching crisis. Pretty scary stuff!

What is causing this you may ask? Well, the award goes to… Global warming and human pollution. The trend in systematically polluting our planet is causing a global temperature change that is killing all of our environmental life. From bees to the reefs, our lack of concern for our planet is going to leave us in a huge mess. I mean, the once beautiful, thriving, and colorful reef now looks like an absolute, desolate wasteland.


Though reports don’t show significant, positive change happening in the GBR anytime soon, don’t take off your rings just yet, Planeteers! By making a few changes to your lifestyle, you could drastically impact the outcome of our universal home.

Here are five ways you can help out Mother Nature:

1.) Follow the three R’s: Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. Turn those old coke bottles into awesome bird feeders, donate your clothes to the less fortunate, or if you have a money-making mind, save your coke cans and turn them into cash at your local metal recycling center. There are lots of awesome places to turn your shiny trash into awesome cash!

2.) Use less toxic household and garden products. Throw out those heavy, chemical ridden items and change them in for some totally awesome eco-friendly ones! Got leftovers? Feed them to your lovable Scooby-Doo or toss them out for nature to compost. Pretty cool, right? You can toss those icky leftovers out and Mother Nature will put good use to it, just make sure it’s only food or biodegradable items. This reporter likes to vermicompost her old mail and food.

3.) Save Energy! I know you may want to fall asleep listening to your favorite movie or song, take 45 minute long, hot showers, or even pretend you’re in the Arctic Tundra with all of the lights on and your thermostat at below zero, but come on! Let’s take one for the team and our planet. Cut those showers down to 5-6 minutes, black out those screens, and turn those AC/Heating units off on moderately cool and warm days. You can do it!

4.) Cut back on driving. I know it is easier said than done, but at least give it a try. Nothing is more environmentally damaging than driving a car. Gasoline is a precious commodity, but cars also affect the planet be emitting greenhouse gasses such as Carbon Dioxide. These eco-terrorists can be deposited into the soil and water where the Bambi’s of the forest can experience respiratory, reproductive, immune, and neurological diseases… so try a bike, a skateboard, or bring back roller-blades. Your body will thank you and so will Mother Nature.

And finally, write your representatives! Voice your concern, voice your ideas. The world could be a much better place if you just get out there and try!

Good luck and in the words of Miss Frizzle, “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy”… saving the planet that is!

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