Writer -Mary L. Gordon

The agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto and The Food and Drug Administration have repeatedly claimed, since 1996, that the Genetically Modified Organisms they introduced into the American food supply are perfectly safe for human consumption.
But new studies are showing some very different results. A recent article in the prestigious Nature magazine shows that the path of GMOs in the human body can have catastrophic effects on your health.

According to the 2008 article entitled, “Characterization of microRNAs in serum: a novel class of biomarkers for diagnosis of cancer and other diseases”, when we eat GMOs, they travel to the blood stream and eventually deposit on human organs such as the liver, pancreas, heart and lungs. These deposits are the cause of organ failure in humans, cancers, and other diseases.

In America, both the World Health Organization and the American Medical Association have advised doctors to recommend to their patients with compromised immune systems, cancer, diabetes and a host of other diseases to only eat organic fruits and vegetables and pasture-raised beef.

And just when we thought we had some real help in this struggle against eating GMOs, Senator Obama promised in 2007 that, as President, he would require legislation that would label all foods sold in the U.S. with a country of origin and GMOs inclusion.

In an ironic twist-of-tongue, President Obama instead approved Bill H.R. 993 in 2013. This bill gave Monsanto legal immunity meaning that it can not be prosecuted or sued for the deaths caused by its GMO foods. He ignored the 250,000 calls and letters of opposition to this bill from the very people he is sworn to protect.

Unbelievably, President Obama further solidified his stance on GMOs by appointing Michael Taylor as Deputy Commissioner for Foods in the FDA in 2010. Mr. Moore worked as a lawyer for Monsanto prior to his new appointment.

My question to President Obama, the FDA and Monsanto becomes, “Why have we been eating foods that have been contaminated with GMOs for nearly 20 years without even a single test having been done on how they will affect human health?” My question to you is how long will we allow this to continue?

Many people claim this is a non-issue. Most say that we can simply grow our own food if we do not want to eat GMOs. Unfortunately growing your own food in America is illegal and can land you in jail. Senate Bill S.510 also known as The Food Safety Modernization Act imposes mandatory jail for anyone caught growing their own food in the U.S. for their own use or for profit.

And even if you manage to extricate yourself from the governmental red tape of this charge, you can still be charged under Senate Bill S.787 by the 111th Congress. It states specifically that all water in the U.S. (even rainwater and the pond on your farm) belongs to the federal government.

So as the noose tightens and we continue to eat this poison, we witness the skyrocketing increase of disease and the global destruction of earth’s natural flora and fauna.

If we want to protect our food supply for the next generation, our only option is to continue to push for labeling of GMOs and refuse to buy their contaminated foods.
If we want to protect our health, we must discover alternative means to remove the poisons from our bloodstream before they cause permanent harm to our organs or disease.

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  1. Robert Wager says:

    Interesting that the writer did not follow this miRNA story to its finish. If they had they would have learned the results were a result of contamination so flawed research yet again. it is now just one more of the myths that fill the internet. Try “Planting the Future” by EASAC 2013 or “GE Crop Study” by NAS 2016 or “A decade of EU-funded GMO Research 2000-2010” by EC or “Impact of GE crops on farm sustainability in the US” by NAS 2012

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