Dave Bruderly: A Democrat for District 4

Writer – Harry Moore

For the first time in many years, a democrat is running for Florida’s 4th Congressional District. Dave Bruderly’s campaign has declared that if he were to win the election, he would put people first. Bruderly graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in 1969, earning a degree in marine engineering and transportation. As a form of payment for his education, Bruderly served in the naval reserves and spent some time in active duty during the Vietnam War.

He said that he learned from the experience “not only a world class education, but by giving back to the country the country I got something for myself. Which was learning how to be a leader, seeing other countries, other cultures and seeing the world how it really existed.” Similarly, to former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, Bruderly is passionate about providing free college and advanced education to young people, provided that they can make a commitment to giving something back to the country, as Bruderly did. In his opinion, this would be beneficial to many young people today, the education system is having many students believing that once they have graduated there will be many jobs waiting for them to take on. The experience of giving back to the country will teach young people “how to fight and compete” for the positions they want. His policy would include providing more funds to education, so young people can learn these skills to accomplish more after they have finished their education. In comparison, his opponent, former sheriff of Jacksonville, John Rutherford, is in favor of cutting the education budget and making the system more of a factory for producing workers, rather than it giving people the skills they need to succeed on their own. “Rutherford has even talked about abolishing the United Federal Department of Education completely” Bruderly informs me, “which is absurd.” It is worth noting that Rutherford declined to take part in the debate, held on October 26th, with Bruderly and independent candidates Danny Murphy and Gary Koniz.

Unlike other political campaigns this year, Bruderly is optimistic about the state America currently finds itself in, “we enjoy a lifestyle today that is superior to that of the King of England just 200 years ago.” He has put his faith into the infrastructure of America, he reverently believes that the United States have good healthcare, transportation and that the way forward is to build on that. “We need to not only maintain our infrastructure but expand on it” he says, “that’s only in a physical manner with our roads and transportation, but with investing in education for our young people and if necessary retraining for adults, who have basically found that the jobs that they have are no longer needed with automation.”

When I asked Bruderly on his thoughts on the presidential election, and whether he could support an unconventional candidate, like Donald Trump, he told me that he, first and foremost, is a supporter of Hillary Clinton during this general election. During the primary, he was behind Bernie Sanders who challenged the status quo of the Democratic Party, which Bruderly says in a way is not unlike what Donald Trump is doing to the Republican Party. Bruderly goes on to clarify that “the difference between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump is quite obvious. Bernie isn’t a misogynist. He’s not just a guy who wants to go in and destroy the system while being intolerant of those that don’t agree with him. Or don’t meet his standards of perfection.”

Dave Brudely’s campaign has stated the importance of protecting the environment, improving the education system in order to benefit future generations and creating gun control laws that will ultimately shelter 2nd amendment rights whilst keeping citizens safe. Bruderly said to me he thinks “we need people in charge who are calm, deliberate, analytical and can bring people like that to work with them.” Should he win this election, civilians of District 4 can rest assured that an individual like that is in office.

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