Irony and Piloting America

By: Christopher Neely

It has been a week since the end of the 2016 presidential campaign and Donald Trump’s victory. During that time social media has been ablaze with people celebrating the victory and others lashing out against the result. I have been carefully watching what has been going on over the internet, of people’s reactions. All the complaining and fighting is becoming ridiculous. A lot of it is due in part by how ugly the campaign became with most of it from the future president himself. I am not endorsing what he said or saying it was right to say those things. What he said cannot be excused. But I see radical anti-Trump supporters start to vote-shame people and point fingers at either third-party voters or people who did not participate in the election to blame for Trump’s victory, I cannot help but think how ironic. These people that are so upset over Trump winning are literally acting the way that the media attacks Trump for being, a bigot and a bully.

I see these anti-Trump protests all over social media. Starting trends like #NotMyPresident. Desecrating our flag and marching in the streets to show their outrage and how much they hate Trump. I have even seen some people talk about hoping that Trump fails as a president. Wanting him to fail as our president is terrifying. Let me paraphrase a metaphor someone posted on Facebook that can explain why we should hope he succeeds:

“To say you want Trump to fail as President of the United States is like saying you want the pilot of a plane to crash. We are all passengers on this plane and even if we do not like our pilot because of the things he said and being unqualified to fly, much less land a plane. So you better hope he can land that plane and it will be our job to do everything we can to help him land it in one piece.”

I do not care about whom you support, I am okay with the protests, and it is our right. I am, however, not okay with people blaming other voters for Trump winning, ending relationships over differences of opinion, and claiming Trump will be the end of us or he will cause the second holocaust. Do not become what the media has made him out to be thus far. For better or for worse Trump is the president. So instead of crying about what happened, let us hope and work towards a better tomorrow. After all, we are in this together.

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