Nightmare Before Christmas Show A Smashing Success!



It seems like just yesterday that I had the pleasure of attending the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra’s own rendition of a Nightmare Before Christmas. I must say that the show was not only beautifully shown, but beautifully played, as well. During the live concert, I joined all of the beloved characters such as Jack Skellington, Zero, Sally, and all of the others as they tried to bring Christmas to everyone in Halloween Town and the rest of the world… with some comically disastrous results.

We all have to admit it, we love music! The different tones and genres of music are so diverse that I have to encourage you to actually get out of your “familiar music zone” and give other types of music a listen. This is why I was so impressed with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra’s Nightmare Before Christmas show. This show took a popular modern movie and brought the musical aspect of it to life with a live performance. This show, I believe, helped people appreciate the symphony a lot more and it also encouraged people to get out and experience the beauty of the symphony. I love that they reached people through the use of a modern musical score.

I also believe that the symphony helped people become aware of all the different types of musical instruments out there that are sometimes so often overlooked. In this day and age where music is auto-tuned or produced mainly on computers, it was nice to get back to a pure and raw sound of the instruments. As an avid violin lover and player, I appreciated the performance due to the heavy use of the string instruments, but the accompaniment over the the drums, brass instruments, and others definitely brought about a musical perfection. Way to go, Jax Symphony!

In my opinion, it was a beautiful performance to help kick of the Christmas season and I hope that they continue to perform shows like this in the near future. Even though the show is over, please don’t get discouraged. The Jacksonville Symphony is currently performing Hansel and Gretel, then will move on to perform Holiday Pops at Jacoby Hall in Downtown Jacksonville. So, if you are looking for something to do with the family or just want a night on the town, I encourage you to attend a live concert.

I hope that this article will help people find a new appreciation for the symphony and even encourage you to attend a live concert!

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