Impact Jax ft. City Houses Inc.

No matter the status or intent that a company finds within their espoused values in origin, the fact remains that every organization is established with something to offer. Whether it be intentional or otherwise inherently self serving, each and every business brings something to gain for its surrounding environment; both customer or not. Serving a multitude of needs present in todays modernized communities, each company leaves their own unique footprint and impact on the people and culture they stand to serve. Although any business at all is generally good for its surrounding communities, some organizations are intentional in seeking the betterment of the location in which they are rooted.

In 2002, City Houses INC was founded in Jacksonville, FL; mission minded and ready to make a difference. The company was established by current president, Angela Luna, with the intent to create a stable housing environment in which people suffering from the disease of addiction could reside for a period of time in order to rest, recover, and redeploy into the Jacksonville community. For 15 years, the half way houses have served as a beacon of hope for a brighter future in regards to the many residents that have made their way in and back out of the organization. The impact does not stop at the doorway, of course, as so many individuals move forward after the experience ready to tell their story and live their lives even fuller than before.

Originally established with two locations within the inner city of Jacksonville back in ’02, City Houses has grown to six locations to date, providing housing to 58 men and women currently recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. As mentioned above, the process does not strictly involve housing the people in recovery, but also serves as a rehabilitation program in which residents work with partnering organizations such as Operation New Hope in order to find jobs, build resumes, and get back on their feet with hands on practices and preparations.

Though there are many practical resources to be found within the half way houses and partnering organizations to aid in the recovery process, tangible valuables are not the only thing that City Houses has to offer its residents. As every person working with the organization, or with the disease of addiction knows, recovery is a lifelong condition in which each and every person suffering must live the rest of their lives fighting the good fight. It is under this circumstance in which City Houses really provides a monumental service of offering an unshakeable hope and serving as a catalyst for a familial community to the residents involved.

“City houses has provided me with a safe environment to live in and, I believe, has played a huge part in keeping me accountable and sober,” states Karen Johns, a resident at one of the half way houses. “It has helped me to learn how to trust again and to love others by the closeness of the residents. We all stick together and help each other learn how to be happy and at peace while living sober. I have grown so much more than I ever thought possible.”

Of course the impact of the organization is not only found within the residents living in recovery, but within the staff that serves to make City Houses what it is.

“To see people come in broken spiritually, finanically, and emotionally only to have the spark come back to their eyes as they stay sober is amazing,” says president, Angela Luna. “Seeing them become productive members of society and watching them as they help other addicts is truly inspirational.”

City Houses works with a multitude of other companies in order to make this sanctuary happen, including partners such as River Region Aftercare, and Cort Furniture. This is fundamental to the livelyhood of our culture, and community; working together both professionally and personally for the betterment of man kind. If you want to check out more about City Houses, you can locate them at



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