The Smooth Essence of the Greenery – Vegetarian Style

Woah! Can you feel the lush breeze of green flow through your soul? The breeze of a new outlook on life. Transitioning from the old ways of adapting and giving into a refreshing experience, one that knows no bounds. Such a delight can be represented in many forms but here will be a representation of nutrition, what we digest into our bodies. The veggie nutrition.

Didn’t you ever wonder why your parents scolded you for not eating your vegetables? Those peas are essential to the 24-hour systems regulating through the human body. The vegetarian life is a unique one. It brings to the forefront opportunities of bettering the environment. The lifestyle also presents answers that non-vegetarians might not want to hear. That’s too bad, because vegetarians are here to stay and make certain society knows as well.

Being vegan is a lifestyle. It’s a choice on how you would like to live your life. For vegans, this includes avoiding any food products that were made using animals. The reasons for why an individual chooses to become a vegan ranges from different factors. There are no set criteria for becoming vegan. Everyone has their own reasoning behind their decision.

This past May, ten year old vegan, Genesis Butler showcased her own belief in being vegan. She became one of the youngest individuals to ever speak at the annual TEDx Talk conference. She described her transition from eating meat and her experiences so far as a vegan, during her young life.

“When I was 3 years old, my favorite food was chicken nuggets. I love chicken nuggets. I ate them almost every day. One day I was sitting at the dinner table staring at the nuggets and I started to wonder where they came from. So I asked my mom, ‘mom, where do chicken nuggets come from?’” This was the question that flipped everything for Genesis. “She looked at me and said ‘from the grocery store’. Well I already knew that so I tried again. ‘mom where do my chicken nuggets REALLY come from?’. She told me that we kill animals for them.” Genesis produced a shocking facial expression in response to the words of her mother. “What!? We eat animals mom? I never want to eat meat ever again. That night me and my mom stopped eating animals.”

She continued describing her altering experience. “One year later, I remember walking up to my mom’s bedroom and I saw her singing to my baby sister” (Gesturing with her arms to signal her mother was holding her baby sister in a cradle position near her chest) “and it made me think about the milk I drink. So, I asked my mom ‘mom, where does my milk come from?’ She told me that we got it from mama cows. I said ‘that’s like someone taking your milk just to give it to humans instead of my baby sister right?’” Genesis relates her experiences to an epiphany. Once she put the pieces together she realized that no pleasure from food and beverages could ever top the feeling of the animals that were potentially hurt or killed to produce such edibles. “I knew that I had to stop drinking and eating dairy products. It’s been 4 years since I went vegan and I love it.”

Once you hear about the stories that change individuals to become vegan, that’s when we can intercorrelate our own experiences, whether those experiences consist of success or failures. It is most definitely universally acclaimed when an individual can change their usual eating habits by placing their lust for substance, second to their ambition. This is not an easy change at all for your average individual. Think about it. People are too busy to make such a drastic change. We put our daily routines ahead of anything else, throwing out any other possibilities we may accomplish. Some people may not even have the will inside of them to register for change.

Savanna Ware is still a young duckling as a vegan. She’s still learning the intricacies herself. She is an example of an individual who turned to being a vegan after her own realties were shed to light. She’s living her life to the fullest by eating foods that have no animal leftovers to them. She also informs that there’s more to being vegan than meets the eye.

“I eat a variety of different kinds of foods. I think one of the biggest misconceptions with being vegan is that you’re extremely limited with what you can eat. I really love Asian food. You can do different kinds of stir fry and vegetables with that. I like rice and Indian food. Foods with different spices. It adds a lot of flavor and then like tofu is a primary vegan meat substitute.” Ware says. “The kinds of beverages I drink mainly tea. I love all kinds of tea. Loose-leaf or packaged. I like cakes and cupcakes that are made without dairy and egg.”

Look at that. Her choices of food and drinks seem familiar to what non-vegans eat. Obviously, the main differences being the ingredients used inside the foods, but from her descriptions she is still eating pretty good. She’s made sure to inform that vegans do not just drink veggie smoothies or sun-bathe on grass every day. She lives a joyful life with a bright smile and maintains a healthy lifestyle. “Also, just for health reasons and when you do it correctly and you’re aware of the right vitamins, minerals and everything you need as a vegan, it can be a very healthy diet” Ware says.

Ware also has her lockdowns on what she won’t eat which is in semblance with Genesis Butler. “I won’t eat anything with meat or dairy or anything with animal products. Those are my own limitations with being vegan.” She says “I was very disturbed with the meat processing industry and how common animal abuse is which was kind of what compelled me to go vegan.”

Genesis made a point in her speech about how going vegan would end up helping save the earth. “According to many scientific studies, raising animals for food is the primary cause of global climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution, and water shortage.” She says “the average American eats 198 pounds of meat each year. The world average is 75 pounds of meat.” “The USDA states that 80 percent to 90 percent of the water used in the United States is for animal agriculture. A five minute shower uses 25 gallons of water but it takes over 1300 gallons just to produce one burger. That is equivalent to almost two months of showers.”

Rejoice people. Here is another option that might have to be considered moving down the line if health is a priority. If meat is something we can’t put away, then we can at least utilize some vegan ideals to better ourselves. The fast food may be cheap but it most definitely is not tasty every time. If you’ve never tried a vegan dish before, what’s there to avoid? Try something different. You might like it. Better yet, you might enjoy yourself a little more.

Savanna hammered the nail on the head.

“If I have a slip, I accept it. It is a learning process. I’m still learning and I also think that’s what’s important about, it is to not take yourself to seriously with it because when you do it, it becomes more image based and that’s what turns a lot of people off. Being vegan, people feel you obsess over animal products to a point where it becomes natural and it’s a turn off for other people who might have been inspired to go vegan if there wasn’t so much pressure to do it this specific way.”

by Joseph Dean


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