Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017

Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise more popularly known as E3, is here once again. E3 is the home of the newest upcoming videogames and software in one of the largest entertainment industries in the world. E3 2017 takes hold in Los Angeles, California and features the most-known videogame developers. But also, the expo allows smaller market brands, such as indie game developers, to display their upcoming works.

The 3-day event allows the public to get a taste of the future. Thanks to the access provided by the expo, videogame and electronics consumers gain key glimpses at the works of the developers who create the mass simulations that gamers all around the world dive into everyday of their lives. The event has become an amazing spectacle of glitz and glamour.

E3 2017 kicked off its festivities with the Microsoft team unveiling its new console which has been stated multiple times that it is the most powerful console there is. The capabilities of the XBOX One X supposedly can keep up with the functions of a computer. The ultimate gaming experience in 4k limelight.

The “new kid on the block” formally known as Project Scorpio, will hit retailers this coming November of 2017. Listed at a starting price of $500, it will be the most expensive console at the time of its sale to the public. For what the console offers, the price could possibly be a steal when considering the XBOX One S and the PS4 pro are $250. But when comparing capabilities between the consoles, the XBOX One X blows everything else out of the water.

The Microsoft team also offered different game exclusives and mentioned more backward capability with older games, which has proven to be a popular venue for gamers who like to turn the clock back in time.

The expo also offered Spots for Sony and Nintendo reveals. Both conglomerates had their press conferences as well.

Skyrim is a popular open-world gaming series that has accumulated millions of fans to its series. At E3 2017, Bethesda studios announced a new Skyrim VR experience that will release first on Playstation exclusively.

Nintendo revealed their plans for a new Mario game. Yes, that does show that Nintendo has an appetite for being repetitive, but Mario is a household name that most of the public already expect a new release year around for the series. Metroid Prime is also coming for fans of the series.

James Brown (college student) is a devoted gamer and has plenty of experience of playing RPGs and first person shooters. He looks forward to some of the reveals offered at E3. “Well what I’m looking forward to most is the Microsoft XBOX game reveals and the Sony Playstation game reveals. I’m a big fan of Halo, which I play a lot on XBOX. But I’m also a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts, which is Playstation only.”

James says “What I’m looking forward to the most would be Destiny 2, since I played the first one and I was a huge fan of that game.” Destiny is online-multiplayer, first person shooter that was released in 2014 on both Sony and XBOX consoles. “Hopefully they fix the issues from the first game and make the second one better.”

Charles Gailey, who is a high school student, is an avid gamer. He expressed his excitement for E3. “I’m looking forward to the XBOX One X, or what it was called originally, Project Scorpio. It’s going to be the most powerful game console in the world and it’s finally going to make XBOX the head of the gaming industry.” Another example of glitz and glamour working at its finest. Perception is key. The biggest item always attracts at first sight.

Charles also mentioned the games he’s excited to play when they hit shelves. “I’m looking forward to the Spider-man game, Call of Duty World War 2, and Anthem (developed by Bioware). I’m also looking forward to more games than just those three, but those are the ones that caught my eye for sure and they’re the ones I’m most excited for.”

Charles mentions his affection toward the more known game titles, as opposed to indie brand games. “When it comes to E3, I can’t wait to hear from the juggernauts. You know that’s what I call them. The bigger brands in the gaming industry, like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. Some of the third-party games I really don’t care about, because most of them are low budget and they’re not all that great.”

E3 always presents new games and gadgets every year. Particularly this year, I felt that the Microsoft conference with their unveilings of new games and most importantly, the XBOX One X, stole the show. To get the full capabilities of the console, it seems that the user must have a 4k tv to go with it. When you get down to it, it becomes interesting to see how one item benefits the sales and manufacture of another.

Gulaid Abdo is a college student who is more of a recreational gamer. He is more laid back, but still knows his games. “The one game I’m most excited for is Destiny 2. I’m keeping up with the updates on that to make sure this game is something I truly want to invest my money in.”

He also mentioned how he never gets sucked into the beauty of buying more products for the ultimate gaming experience.

“Personally me I’m not the type of person to be tempted into buying things. That’s just not me. Maybe something like VR, but usually I stick to just buying the game.”

E3 is a worldwide phenomenon. It brings together everybody to the table. We can all have a good time. The event also brings forth the limitless amounts of debates that occur in reaction to so many reveals.

Are the games this year better than what was offered last year? What can we expect from E3 2018?

E3 is at its best when more questions arise from each new reveal.

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