“The Experience”

On Thursday, January 25, 2018, an exhibit was held in the Art Gallery on South Campus. One component that made this exhibit special, was the art displayed throughout the gallery. The art was a compilation of mixed media on canvas, digital print on wood, a 3-D printed sculpture, and even a short film that played on loop across the wall of the gallery. Each piece with its own spin of interesting and imagination, the gallery walls were adorned with selections from some of the most talented artist to walk our halls.

The artists displayed were none other than the professors that teach the craft they love so dearly. The artists included: Professor Isaac Brown (with choreographer Talani Torres), Professor Michael Cottrell, Professor Mark Creegan, Professor Julia DeArriba-Montgomery, Professor Dustin Harewood, Dr. Mary Joan Hinson, Professor Patrick Miko, Professor Michael Nuetzel, Professor Mark Sablow, and Professor Liz Murphy Thomas. The love of what they teach, can be seen in the work they put forth to showcase the skills that can be learned through our programs.

The exhibit also celebrated the launch of the 49th volume of “The Experience”, an annual magazine that highlights the work of some of our insanely talented students. The magazine showcases artwork, prints, poems and short stories that have been submitted by students across all campuses. Many of the pieces submitted brought home awards from the 32nd Annual Exhibit of Art and Design and the Annual Photography Competition. These authors and artist will be remembered in the FSCJ history of great students whom have paved the way for others to follow in their footsteps.

I strongly urge you to stop by and pick up a copy of “The Experience”, so you too can see the talent that has grown throughout our school.

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