“We’ve Got Spirit, How About You?”


With the start of the new year came with it the new semester. All around the campuses on the first week of the new semester FSCJ students, faculty and staff alike showed their school spirit for Spirit Day. On January 24th, clubs, programs and extracurricular activities held booths at multiple campuses, showcasing what their campus and community had to offer. At South Campus, turnouts included the FSCJ Kendo Club and activists from the “Take Em Down Jax” petition group, among the booths lining the breezeway. Student Life at South Campus helped raised awareness towards the event in the week prior, and looked to get students involved with the upcoming events..

The Deerwood Center had also set up stands with fresh popcorn, sweets, and an area for playing cornhole. “The Spirit Splash” was also to raise awareness of the South Campus tailgate would take place before the men’s and women’s basketball games against Santa Fe College.

The tailgate had a great turnout, with crowds playing lawn games and showing their support with FSCJ shirts. Good times were met with good food. The college provided hot dogs and soft drinks for a true tailgate experience. Besides the tailgate, other foods were changing hands. Throughout the day, canned foods and non-perishables were being donated to the FSCJ Food Pantry. This student run organization was putting on a food drive for Spirit Day to bring in resources for students at need. (For more information, find the FSCJ HOPE Food Pantry page on Facebook). This is what it means to have spirit; not just fun and festivities, but giving back to our community.

Before the basketball games, where the Blue Wave men and women’s teams put forward a valiant effort, you could see a collection of the great FSCJ community. People of all ages and walks of life coming together, in good company and good times. I know I would come back again, and I hope to see you at Spirit Day next year!

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