The Student Life Skills department is hosting a multi campus conference on April 2nd through April 5th. This year’s theme is “The Pursuit of Knowledge”. The conference will highlight skills that all students, faculty, and staff can utilize to become more efficient, sharpen your critically thinking skills and improve time management. The conference will discuss topics like: “The Pursuit of Financial Freedom”, “The Pursuit of Publication”, “The Pursuit of Astronomy” and much more!

Walk into one of the seminars with the willingness to learn and walk out better informed and educated on a variety of subjects. Have you ever found yourself wanting to know more about Film Theory? Then join Dr. John Woodward on April 3rd at Deerwood from 10am-11:30am.

Are you looking for a new and exciting book to read? Then join Professor Sherri Brown for “The Pursuit of Great Reads” hosted at Deerwood on April 4th from 2pm-3:30pm.

What about “The Pursuit of Publication” (South Campus), “The Pursuit of Historic Jacksonville” (South Campus), or “The Pursuit of the Best Me” (Downtown Campus).

Want to meet the Editors of The Campus Voice? “The Pursuit of Truth” will be hosted at South Campus on April 2nd from 2pm-3:30pm.

There are multiple topics that offer information on fields that you may have never explored.

Come on down to one of the campuses and join us for “The Pursuit of Knowledge” SLS Conference. Each campus will host a portion of the conference as well as online. A full lineup of topics, time, speakers, and more helpful information can be found in the link below.

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