FSCJ, My Home Away From Home…

We are officially in the final week of the semester and the pressure is accumulating. Those final presentations and term papers are stacking up and life is not making the deadline any easier. For me, this is my last week of school before graduation. As excited as I am, I feel like the pressure is heavier than it has ever been.

A series of unplanned obstacles has slowed the path to completion. No matter how hard I try to get ahead, something happens that takes me two steps back. In my pursuit of a bachelors degree, I have often faced obstacles that have been overcome with support from my friends, family, and leadership from my professors. This semester has been no exception, in fact, the struggle has been harder then it has ever been.

With one month left of school, my car was broken into and my backpack was stolen. My books, notes, laptop and hard drive are all gone. There were final projects on that computer, homework that needed to be submitted, articles that I was working on for the CV and all the notes that I had taken for the semester. It was all gone. I felt completely broken. Like there was no coming back. Like all my hard work was for nothing because now I had to start over.

After reaching out to my professors and classmates, I learned that many other students had similar struggles. One student had their car broken into and and their laptop stolen, another had her computer crash requiring the hard drive to be wiped. Other students have dealt with personal struggles, family issues, work conflicts, and a hundred other things that life has thrown at them. Through all of these struggles, the one constant is that they all kept pushing through. FSCJ is not just an institution, its a community. We come together to help each other and that has been evident in the struggles that have been overcome by students across all campuses.

Like many of the students at FSCJ, I have a job and family that I juggle along with my studies. Although they are both jobs, my family is also my motivation to keep going. To keep fighting for the pursuit of a better life.  They have stuck by me through my stress fits, my late night study sessions, the long hours of class that keep me away from the house, and have sacrificed having a social life themselves due to my crazy hours. Knowing that they have been behind me through this journey has made these past years bearable.

Now that I am graduating, I have been taking a look back at the semesters past that have lead me to this moment. There have been times when I felt like giving up, there have been times when I felt like I wasn’t smart enough, and there have been times when I thought that I just wasn’t enough. Luckily I was at the right place at the right time… and that place is FSCJ. The support and help that is available to all students is like no other university. There are always people around you that will rally for you and sincerely want you to succeed. My parting words to you as News Editor for the Campus Voice is that you are enough and you CAN do it. Whenever life puts you through the ringer, reach out to those around you and I know you will feel the love and support that I have felt throughout my educational journey. Best of luck to you all!

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