Jacksonville North Beaches Art Walk

Do you love art? Do you love contributing to young and new artists? Do you enjoy walking while looking at new and creative projects? Then come down the North Beaches Art Walk! It’s held every second Tuesday at the Jacksonville Beach, Sea Walk Pavilion. The art walk consists of local artists young and old that set up booths and tables with their pieces. Some art may consist of traditional painting and sketching, some are wood carvings and wood work, and others may also be of the welding nature with metal and fire. The Art Walk is not just limited to art of these forms, it is full of other mediums in the art world such as fashion, jewelry and photography.

I got some awesome photos myself of some of the pieces and their makers. I also took photographs of their business cards; many artists were more than happy to give me one for their contact information.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love coming to the local Art Walks because you can find some great new artists to follow on social media, or even a gift for someone who enjoys art as much as you do. It’s great way to spend the summer and the holidays, especially with a friend. So come on down for the next walk!

by: Wendy Tavarez

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