Give a Little Bit of Yourself


Recently the Life South blood truck was in for blood donations on FSCJ’s South Campus. I happily went in and was instantly greeted by smiling and friendly staff members that got me situated properly. When you donate blood, you fill out some paperwork confirming your information and making sure you don’t have any conditions that would debilitate your ability to donate blood. They are very careful in making sure that donors don’t have any diseases or conditions that may contaminate the blood to receiving patients. After paper work, your blood is tested to confirm your blood type and make sure your body temperature is healthy enough for donating. Women usually provide 5 pints of blood and men provide about 10 pints of blood per donor.

The staff is careful in your care and always assure that during the donation process you are comfortable and that you have an overall good experience with the donation. A single blood donation from the average adult can save about 3 people’s lives. Currently, there is a short stock of blood and donations are being requested in an emergency manner as you can see from the signs below.

Every donor gets a t-shirt of their choice as a thank you for their generosity. And currently, if you donate more than once (depending on the blood van that is participating) you can get another souvenir like a beach towel if you donate with the South Blood truck.


Fun fact: You can burn up to 650 calories per blood donation, it’s a real work out for your body!

Overall I was more than happy to donate myself, I was the 4th donor of the day and I got a pretty cool t-shirt out of it. 😊


By: Wendy Tavarez

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