Student Resources (2018)


*Note: This is a list of resources that are not included/ described in the previous version of the Student Survival Guide.


Adobe Products Discount – as a student, Adobe offers you a discount in the form of a student package with all or most necessary products for students who will be using digital software in their courses or program. It only needs to be renewed once a year.

Artist Series – FSCJ artist series , is a website for events by or for FSCJ students in the arts/ digital programs.

ASL (American Sign Language) Lab – a computer and study room for students taking an American Sign Language course.

Blackboard – an FSCJ domain for students that is used to see your courses, syllabus, and grades. Mainly used for hybrid or online courses, it is where students can see notes or assignments by the professor at any time and communicate with other students. There is also a beta live video format for blackboard that some professors may or may not utilize, for students who cannot attend a class but can at least see the lecture from wherever they may be.

Bookstore – almost all campuses have a bookstore. Where supplies, textbooks, and other course required materials are sold for students. Some may not carry what you are looking for, but you can request what you are missing and pick it up another day. You can either buy the books or rent them for a smaller fee. They also sell devices such as computers and tablets, and gadgets like printers. And they sell basic stationary materials and FSCJ merch (clothes, accessories, etc.).



Breast Feeding Room (South Campus) – a private room located at FSCJ next to the study rooms in the second-floor library of the LLC. A safe space for nursing mothers with infants.

Business Office – campuses have business offices where students can go for any financial needs, questions, or concerns. You can request information or updates on your financial aid, you can pay for classes or pay off any fees, and they can also provide information on payment plans if you have difficulty paying for classes.

Campus Voice – the FSCJ official news source about FSCJ and events held at the campuses. We have social media outlets and a website for students to access anytime.

Computer Labs – rooms with computers for students who don’t have computer access at home and need to work on assignments. The rooms are free to use and have schedules where students can come in and work. Different computer labs have different programs on their hard drives, from coding, to digital media/ art, and video/ audio programs. It is accessible to any and all FSCJ students during appropriate hours and week days.

Fitness Centers – we have campuses with fitness centers available for students. This would include a gym and locker room for students who would like to partake in physical activities during their free time.

Grant Programs – FSCJ offers grant programs for students looking to get into high demand/ growth jobs. Training is provided through these programs and they help build technical/ vocational skills. It connects potential employees to local and regional employers in the field of interest of the student.

Higher One Card – a debit card that students can apply for, for free. It is available to students either on financial aid or paying out of pocket. If you have financial aid you can opt your refunds or financial aid to be directly deposited into the debit card account. And if you are a student with employment on campus or anywhere else, your debit card also gives you access to direct deposit for employers as well. It can be used like any regular debit card and is available to use while you are a student.


Library Learning Commons/ FSCJ Libraries – the library has a multitude of services for students. Aside from the fiction and nonfiction books, research materials such as videos and audio can be checked out for use. You can also get your student ID from here, and utilize your ID for printing and scanning services. Study rooms and group study tables are usually located in the LLC. And the LLC also offers tutoring on a variety of different subjects/ courses.

Microsoft Office 2016 – as a student you have access to download and use Microsoft Office 2016 edition for free via your student outlook email account.

Military/ Veteran Services – we have 2 military service centers in South Campus U129 and Kent Campus B104. They offer services, aid, counseling, and benefits for qualifying military/ veterans.

Phi Theta Kappa – an honors society for outstanding students with qualifying leadership skills. Email Dr. Mary James for more information.

Student Lounge – the student lounge offers a relaxing environment for students to socialize. It offers board and card games of all kinds, video games, pool tables, air hockey, and ping pong. It has comfortable seating areas and the availability to rent out games for students. And it also has televisions that can be used for movies or video games that students bring or utilize from the lounge.

Study Rooms – private rooms for one or few students who need a quiet are for studying or homework. Usually located in the LLC.

Tutoring – in the LLC we offer tutoring for a variety of different subjects and courses in FSCJ. We offer foreign language tutoring usually for Spanish, French and German. We also offer math and science tutoring. And we offer tutoring for writing.


By: Wendy Tavarez

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