Who are you Adopting?


Typically, we are asked, “What kind of pet are you adopting?” But many of us aren’t asked, “Who are you adopting?” When adopting a new pet, you are not only adopting an animal companion, you are adopting your new friend/ family member for life. Every animal at an adoption center or pet store have a story. They have a name, a history, a personality, likes, dislikes, and even hobbies.

Pet Supermarket recently held an adoption event — it was full of eager furry and fuzzy faces excited to meet their possible new families and friends. Many of the pets there had a description of their name and a little summary about them. Here we have Frankie:


Description Reads:


+1 year old gray & white female

Frankie is an awesome young female. She has a terrific personality and will make a great addition to any home.

Frankie tested positive for FIV (an immune deficiency virus), but is an otherwise healthy cat who doesn’t require any special medical care. FIV is only spread through blood transfer to other cats (which typically occurs through fighting and mating). This condition is not contagious to people or dogs. Frankie is a lover, not a fighter and she is spayed. The risk of transmission to other cats is extremely low.

FIV is not casually transmitted through grooming, sharing food dishes, etc. Please consider opening your heart and home to this wonderful girl. “

I personally spent a little time with Frankie and she is a big a sweetheart as they say she is. Even though she has this immune deficiency virus, it doesn’t make her any less lovable or any more complicated to take care of.

Here are more faces that were at the event and at the Pet Supermarket store:




I wish I could have gotten the chance to adopt myself, but I know that these sweet creatures will hopefully find/found a forever home to call their own. It is always a beautiful thing for both the animal and the person adopting to create a bond as strong as pet and master. If you ever find yourself having the chance to adopt, please consider visiting your local Pet Supermarket or any pet store. Especially stop by adoption centers and shelters to save an animal’s life and give them a second or first chance at a forever home.

by: Wendy Tavarez

Lead Photo Credit: http://www.usafe.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/255462/adoption-means-sergeants-best-friend-home-for-good/

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