Latino Nights At Cuba Libre Bar and Havana Jax Restaurant

Lounge area

Saturday night was fun and full of Latin spirit at Cuba Libre Bar and Havana Jax Restaurant. “Latino Night,” is an every Saturday night event, free to attend and with discounts on popular drinks. The event is one of the more popular events held at Cuba Libre. And it is not just the Latino population that loves it, all kind of people from everywhere and of all cultures come to have a good time here.

Latino Night started out 14 years ago, when Cuba Libre was just a small side bar to the Havana Jax Restaurant. The restaurant is one of the longest running, if not the only, Latino bar and restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. They started out this event with an average of 100 patrons a night and now they have up to 500 patrons, on average. And why has it become so popular? People love the venue, they love the music, the drinks, and the atmosphere of the place. You come in and are welcomed right away with friendly staff members that are more than happy to help accommodate you whether you want to drink and chat or if you want to dance the night away.

I went in on Saturday and I loved just the look of Cuba Libre and Havana Jax, it has a cool looking neon lighting on the outside. The interior is just as impressive with a clean cut, look that makes you want to take it all in. The lighting is neon, but not harsh so you can feel the cool atmosphere they offer. And even though I did not spend much time, I did enjoy it and I look forward to experiencing the other events Cuba Libre has to offer.

Inside 1

By: Wendy Tavarez

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