Give Me That Country Music Feeling

We all have our preferences to music, but almost all of us have that one favorite country song or country artist that we can’t get enough of. Recently country music fans were treated to the annual Great Atlantic Country Music Festival. I went to the festival with my younger brother, and I was pleasantly surprised how fun it was. The music was fun and made you want to jump in and rock out to the guitar strumming on the stage.

Along with the great music, the festival also offered some cool-looking booths that sold almost anything. They had booths for clothes, hats, accessories, music, some small businesses being promoted, and even the WQIK Jacksonville’s music station. And they offered some attractions for kids pulling off the family friendly atmosphere, so there was something for everyone.

After a full 5 hours of being out there, even in the rain I still had much fun at the festival. I look forward to attending next year’s Country Music Festival!

by: Wendy Tavarez


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