Phi Theta Kappa, Upsilon Eta


Phi Theta Kappa is an elite program with over 1,300 Chapters across different states of the country. This program began in 1918 in Mississippi, and this year is celebrating their 100th year anniversary. This program acknowledges a student’s academic achievements in community college, and is usually offered in colleges/universities that offer a 2-year degree.

One can become a member of this prestigious society, by having completed at least 1 semester, 12 credit hours and keep a consistent, accumulative GPA of 3.0. Once this is achieved, you can contact Phi Theta Kappa or they will contact you automatically and all you need to do is pay a one-time fee. Once approved you will be mailed a packet and brochures, providing you with more information and mentioning the benefits and workshops that they provide.

There are many benefits to becoming part of Phi Theta Kappa. There is over $37 million dollars in scholarships alone, available to members only. They offer personalized letters of recommendation for future employment and further education opportunities. There is so much more that they offer in benefits for its members like university transfer tools, discounts, special offers, local events and a 5-star competitive edge that provides you with skills for resumes and jobs.

Phi Theta Kappa, also includes workshops. These workshops give its members a chance to develop relationships with admins and staff on campus, so they may develop their skills in leadership and give students a chance to create connections. Phi Theta Kappa’s ultimate goal is to help students achieve great success, give them the ability to transfer to better universities to better their education, and open new doors for them in future careers.

I would like to thank Mister Kerlew, for taking the time to provide me with information about Phi Theta Kappa. You can contact him for more information on how to register for Phi Theta Kappa if you are interested though this e-mail:

And feel free to check out Phi Theta Kappa’s website:


By: Wendy Tavarez

Photo Credit: kandacelm27 and That Dam Kat




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