FSCJ Clubs and Organizations

by Kyle Leahy Walsh

When I got my topic for this week’s column for Kyle’s Corner, I was unbelievably sick! I could barely make my classes; barely do my homework; barely keep my head up! So, I didn’t really get the chance until Friday afternoon to think about going over to the college to talk to someone about what clubs are at FSCJ. My only problem was there are very few people on campus to speak to on Friday afternoons! I figured the best action for me to take was to go on to the school’s website and see if there was any information available about clubs at any of the campuses.

On the main FSCJ website page, I went to the Menu and choose the link to “Campus Life”. I read through the choices that included Blue Wave Athletics, Art Galleries, Career Development, etc. and came across a choice for Student Life & Leadership Development (http://www.fscj.edu/campus-life/student-life-leadership-development). After choosing that link, it led me to information about each of the FSCJ campuses and other useful links including “Clubs and Organizations” (http://www.fscj.edu/campus-life/student-life-leadership-development/clubs-organizations).

I learned that we have quite the variety of interests for students to explore here at FSCJ from American Sign Language to Tang Soo Do martial arts. Except for the Spectrum of Success, a club for students on the Autism Spectrum and students interested in learning more about Autism, I chose to depict a few of the clubs that I read about in no particular order. The website tells you who the faculty adviser is and at what campus each group meets. Now that most of us have started to get the hang of things, I recommend exploring many of the social opportunities available at our campuses.