Only 25 Days ‘Til…

by Kyle Leahy Walsh

… the end of the term. The last four weeks of the autumn semester are here! That means that “crunch time” for most of us has begun. Last week’s column was about “Finding Balance” and that’s really important now. Everyone is trying to get a grip on all of their responsibilities. They’re gearing up to get all their remaining assignments and projects started. Pretty much everyone wants to get them done well and turned in on time to get the best grade possible, right? Many classes have end of the semester exams. Somehow, students have to find the time to review the course material and study for them. It might seem frustrating and overwhelming, but try to stay organized, and focused, even with the holiday season beginning so soon. Hang in there! It’ll be all worth it when you get a good final grade.

It also means it’s planning time. For students who are not finishing their degrees at the end of this term, it means knowing the date registration begins for the Spring 2016 semester. It means reviewing your degree requirements and your transcript as well as the spring catalog. Is FSCJ offering any of your required and/or elective classes in the upcoming semester? Are the classes you need available on a day and a time that works with your schedule? Is the professor you really wanted teaching this semester? January 6th, 2016 is the first day of Session A classes for spring. It has a “Priority Date” of November 23rd, 2015. This means students must submit all their necessary documents for their 2016 admission before this date. If they miss the deadline, FSCJ won’t have enough time to determine their eligibility for financial assistance. This means those students will be responsible for covering the cost of their tuition, fees and books until their eligibility can be determined. The link below is to the section of the FSCJ website that has links to registration, financial status, course catalog and other session priority dates.

If you’re a student with a disability like me, there are often times different steps to take to ensure the next semester is planned well. Because I am a student with Autism, I receive services from Vocational Rehabilitation to assist with my college expenses. I have to check in with my VR counselor periodically during the semester. I have to submit my final grades as soon as possible in order to secure financial assistance for the next semester. You must have a “C” or better in every class to stay in the program. Luckily, my family helps me with the paperwork. I also have to coordinate with the “Services for Students with Disabilities” office to make sure my professors are aware I have a disability and that I am entitled to accommodations such as use of a tape recorder in class, extra time for assignments, or a different location for exams. This office also arranges for note-takers or tutors. There is a coordinator that covers every campus. My classes have only been at the South or Deerwood campuses, so my support coordinator has been Nicole Dyer Merriott. I cannot thank her enough for all the assistance and support she has provided to me during my enrollment at FSCJ. The link below is for disability services at all campuses at FSCJ.

Managing your assignments, maintaining your study schedule, securing your financial assistance and planning your next semester are just a few things students need to juggle. As of Monday, November 16th, there are only 25 days ‘til the end of the semester. Will you be ready?