Starting to Get the Hang of It

By Kyle Leahy Walsh

The 2015 Fall semester started on August 24th, so that now puts everyone entering the 4th week of school. When you stop for a minute, it might seem hard to believe how stressed out and overwhelmed many of us felt just a few short weeks ago. We faced a variety of concerns such as not knowing our way around campus, having problems with our schedules, waiting for financial aid to be issued, being intimidated by technology, and wondering how tough our classes and professors were going to be. It’s kind of amazing how much stress can be caused by something as simple as not knowing where the closest restroom is, what building your class is in or finding a parking space that works!

Here we are just a few short weeks later and (hopefully), most of us are probably starting to feel like we might be getting the hang of it! We’ve all gotten the syllabus for each of our classes and have a better idea of what the class is about, how grading works, what the professor expects from you and how many projects will be due and when. Perhaps you had never used a MAC before. It’s a bit upsetting when you can’t even work the mouse right! Starting to find your way around this new system, as well as Blackboard, and the campus can definitely help to build some confidence and getting to know some of the other students in your classes can be really helpful.